Nowadays, it is often said that the State Education is one of the most important institution in preparing for the future of France.

As regards the air force, it is the same . Air Force schools aims at training  militairy staff to its future missions. The efficiency of the trainees depends on the quality of their trainings and, therefore, so does France to ensure her own security.. That is why Air Force Schools have such an importance.

We have decided to tell you the story of those persons, who they are future pilots or instructors, and of all those airplanes from 1944 to the 1970's.

As regards The Second World War and the Cold War in the United States of America, French trainees sent to the USA had to adapt to the American way of life both in US Army air bases and life of every day, which was a real cultural revolution to them. That is why we think usual to show you this different life in the country of Uncle Sam. To that, you can see photographs of this past American life, which was very different from French life.

Of course, making a complete website about this entire period is a real challenge. Having some documents, we would rather show you selective instants hoping for filling the lacks.

To do that, your help is necessary.

If you are a former pilot or if you have testimonies, photographs of that period, please contact us in order to complete this collection of documents. Let's offer to young people the knowledge of your hectic and often harsh past life. Let's offer the story of your adventures.

Finally, I wish you to reveal your deep motivation to serve France.

Let's have a thought for all those pilots who died realising their dream, serving our country.

Claude REQUI